Many patients with wounds need reconstructive treatment after an injury, disease or surgery. These treatments help to diminish scars while also improving flexibility.

Skin grafts involve removing skin from another part of the body to be placed over the site of the wound. The graft is excised and then secured in place over the wound with stitches. Flaps involve lifting a flap of skin adjacent to the wound that can be neatly rotated into the wound site. Both flap and graft repairs are sometimes revised (“touched up”) months to years after the procedure to enhance the aesthetic outcome.

These treatments help to reduce or eliminate the appearance of scars and expedite the healing process so that patients do not have to live with unsightly and often disfiguring wounds on their face. While some scarring will likely be visible, it will typically be less noticeable than if the wound was not treated at all. Dr. Prystowsky will determine which type of treatment is best for you after a thorough evaluation of your condition.