Most cases of skin cancer can be successfully and thoroughly removed through an excision procedure that removes the entire tumor and any “roots”. Despite its high level of efficacy, skin cancer excision often leaves behind large wounds or scars in prominent areas such as the face or hand. These deformities can be emotionally upsetting and a constant reminder of the skin cancer that once existed there. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery can be performed to repair the wound and restore your skin to a more healthy and natural appearance.

Skin cancer wound reconstruction can often be performed the same day or the day after the removal procedure. Reconstructive procedures are performed on an individualized basis, depending on each patient’s wound, and can involve a skin graft, flap of skin, simple stitching or other form surgical closure.

While complete tumor resection is the main goal, Dr. Prystowsky also takes your appearance into consideration by leaving as much healthy tissue as possible. Skin cancer wound reconstruction uses this remaining healthy tissue to carefully restore the area for both effective and aesthetic results. Dr. Prystowsky also has experience treating scars with lasers, dermabrasion, injections, and surgicial revision.