Scars are a natural part of healing. They form following surgery or injury to the skin. Dr. Prystowsky treats all types of scars. In some cases, she uses dermabrasion to smooth out the edges. In other cases, laser treatment may diminish a red or purple color. Steroid injections and fractionated laser treatments help to flatten raised scars.

Facial scars from acne and Mohs surgery have frequently responded well to laser treatments, steroid injections, and dermabrasion. High strength acid peels can also help people with “ice pick” acne scars. Sometimes it is best to excise the scar and reorient the tension in the tissue to improve healing and minimize scar appearance.

Although scars can be minimized, they can never be completely removed. If surgery is decided upon, additional treatments to minimize scarring should be planned in the post operative treatment to improve outcome.