Dr. Prystowsky specializes in the early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer like melanoma. When Dr. Prystowsky finds an unusual mole during a skin cancer exam, she performs a biopsy to determine the extent of the tumor. Most often, the appropriate treatment is surgery. If regular skin cancer exams are performed, Dr. Prystowsky is likely to catch a melanoma early, before it has a chance to metastasize. However, for those at risk of a metastasized melanoma, adjuvant therapies such as interferon, vaccines, and chemotherapy may be appropriate.

Self-examination in front of a mirror can be a helpful way to find melanoma early, but self-examination can also be unreliable since many melanomas resemble moles. Dr. Prystowsky’s trained eye, dermatascope, and optimal lighting allow her to identify melanomas more readily. Early detection and treatment greatly increase the likelihood of total cure, so if you think you have melanoma, see Dr. Prystowsky immediately.